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We are conscious of the role insects have in our environment and its role in biodiversity. With this in mind, we treat each project with attention and care especially with spraying flowering bushes to preserve our bee populations.

Yellow Pest Management


An effective way to deal with Spiders is to spray the building inside and out. Also we pay attention to all doorway and windows, It will eliminate most insects in and around the home for about twelve months.


We use the same chemical treatment when dealing with flies. This ensures that these insects if they enter are killed on contact with treated surfaces.


Using the same chemical treatment for spiders, we can also treat areas where these insects lay eggs and stop the lava from developing. This can be anywhere with water as their eggs can hatch in as little as an inch of water.


Moths usually lay eggs on fabric that can reach up to as many as 50 eggs within three weeks. Our method is to spray a barrier around your home and ensure that no moths can enter and cause damage. A sure sign you have moths in your home is damaged clothes. They feed on keratin fabrics like wool and fur garments


We use the same treatment we use for spiders and millipedes. They are eliminated when they come in contact with a treated surface.


There are different species for cockroaches, and they are quite difficult to exterminate. Our methods include sprays, dusting powder and baiting gels,which involves using a transfer chemical. This means the bait will be ingested by the cockroaches, and transferred to other cockroaches that feed off the dead ones, the chemical is ingested and spread, eventually eliminating all of them in the process.


Wasps are treated with a sprayed chemical. We do need to assess the area first and where their nests are. Wasps are very dangerous, and we treat each case with extreme care.


On all occasions, we prefer to relocate bees. In certain circumstances where we can't reach the queen, we use dusting powder as an alternative. Bee treatment depends on their nest, and a thorough inspection is conducted before we can plan out the suitable approach.


A rodent can be an all year round problem and spread disease if untreated. We use wax baits for rodents. The wax baits is a licensed single feed product. Most commercially available baits are multi feed this may harm our cats, dogs and wild birds that may feed on the dead rodent. We only use baits in lockable pet and childproof boxes.


Generally when treating fleas is with sprays and dust powders. Our primary focus is treating eggs, larvae and pupa in some situations we may need to service the area multiple times to ensure full elimination.


An effective treatment varies depending on the type of ant and what they feed on sugar or protein and their location. We employ Sprays, and granular baits. We use a new product called Synergy a granular bait which is effective on both sugar and protein ants. This product is unique as it is taken back to the nest and fed to fertile male ants and the Queen rendering them sterile, thus nest elimination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We accept cash, cheques, and EFT.
Discount rates to pensioners and seniors.
I offer special rates to multiple sites like block apartment.

We charge based on the litres used and depending on what kind of insect needs treatment. An average 4-bedroom home will be around $180.00 with all work guaranteed to last about 12 months with ideal conditions. This, of course, depends on the concentration of sunlight and water exposure.

We are very conscious of the role of insects in biodiversity. However, we also understand that some of them can cause harm to our homes, family, and pets. Our aim is not focused solely on getting the job done, but also on giving invaluable advice on when and where to treat pests, methods of proper maintenance, and how to prevent them from coming back.

 We also provide discounts for pensioners and multi-property treatments. We will make ourselves available  to meet your  needs should you require us outside normal hours working hours. 

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